These two short films, made by students at the Nazhoen Pelri Youth Development Center in Thimphu, tackle the realities of rapid modernization in the capital city of Bhutan. The budding young filmmakers — including at-risk youth, recovering over-the-counter drug addicts, successful young entrepreneurs, and theatre activists— came together to tell their story and develop skills sought after in the growing Bhutanese economy. 

In Change: The Drukpa Kinley Story, a modern-day youth inspired by Drukpa Kinley, the 13th Century enlightened master and fertility saint of Bhutan who practiced a form of "crazy wisdom" to shock people into profound realizations, seeks romance in defiance of his cultural heritage.  The film stars Tsokye Tsoma Karchung, Miss Bhutan 2008, who subsequently went on to star in two feature-length films, and Tshering Dorji, who now runs two national Bhutanese film festivals and leads his own theatre group. Fate is a romantic comedy that reveals how the Bhutanese dating scene is being transformed by cultural imports such as instant messaging, basketball and gangs.

Made possible with the collaboration of The Nazhoen Pelri Youth Development Center and generous support from The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation and Columbia University School of the Arts: Film Division


  • Change
  • Fate

Credits & Thanks: Change

Participant Filmmakers
Karma Gyeltshen
Tashi Tshering
Phub Namgay
Deki Seldon
Tandin Sonam
Guna Raj
Sherab Zangmo
Tshering Dorji
Choedey Yangzom
Pema Tshewang

Facilitator and Editor
Cecil Esquivel-Obregón

Lotay Rinchen
Tshering Norbu

Ugyen Phuntsho
Keshab Neopani
Singye Wangshuk
Choeday Yangzom
Shera Doelkar
Shera Zangmo
Tsokye Tsoma Karchung
Kriss Mongar
Lam Sangay
Pema Dechen
Lakzen Wangmo
Namgay Thinley
Yeshi Lhamo
Yeshi Dorji


Special Thanks
Her Majesty Ashi Tshering
Dorji Ohm
Roma Pradham
Nezhoen Pelri / YDF
Carol Becker
Jana Wright
Jamal Joseph
Sara Mason
Misael Sanchez
Brian Fitzhugh
Peter Vaugha
Lama Shenphen Zangpo
Dzongsar Kyentse Rinpoche
Lama Shenphen Zangpo
Deer Park Thimphu
Regina Esquivel-Obregón
Ian Mogilner 

Credits & Thanks: Fate

Participant Filmmakers
Tenzin Norbu
Choden Zangmo
Tshering Wangmo
Robin Rai
Ramesh Rai
Sonam Chogyel Wangyel
Karma Gyeltshen

Cecil Esquivel-Obregón
Karma Gyeltshen

Post-Production Coordinator and Editor
Nelson Walker III 

Lotay Rinchen

Special Thanks
Her Majesty Ashi Tshering
Pem Wangchuck
Dorji Ohm
Roma Pradham
Nezhoen Pelri / YDF
Dzongsar Kyentse Rinpoche
Lama Shenphen Zangpo
Deer Park Thimphu
Peter Vaughan
Vanessa Brown


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